Bad Chat up Lines & Bad Pick Up Lines

Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my work? I guarantee 99% of those reading this article; have heard some really bad chat up lines. In fact, I wager that we’ve all heard a pickup/chat up line that we’ve thought was awful and just outright shit! But, let’s be real – sometimes bad pickup lines are so horrendous they actually make us smile.

Did you know that a quarter of Britons use dating apps – even when they’re in a relationship. So the likelihood of you being signed up to one of the popular dating apps is extremely high. Dating apps have their added benefits, as a friend retorted: “You can sort out a date whilst taking a dump”. Dating apps ensure you’re visible even when you’re not in a social situation. For instance, I’m on my lunch break sitting in the office, trying to smash a report before end of play. Now, seeing as I haven’t left the office the probability of me meeting someone is tremendously low – however with these new dating apps I don’t need to worry.

The app market is saturated with millions of apps; nonetheless one notable app is Badoo. Unlike some of the other apps on the market, it isn’t riddled with spam bots.  Badoo is a popular dating app available on iOS and Android. Whether you’re looking for friendship or dating it’s a great way to start chatting and meeting new people.

Do’s and Don’ts Using Badoo

If you’ve come here for horrendously bad chat up lines you’re in the right place. But, since you’re here I’m throwing over some exceptional dating tips for online dating.

The Do’s

The Don’ts

What are chat up lines?

Chat-up lines, or pick-up lines are conversation openers. Usually they’re used to signify intent, and be a means of engaging an unfamiliar person. They can be used in person, or through dating apps and are humorous displays of romantic interest.

Bad, terrible, awful, and shit Chat up lines

Now, I’ve written some of my best chat up lines but what about those downright bad and just stupid chat up lines. Well look no further:


Pro-tip, if he/she doesn’t get your harmless humour they’re clearly not the one for you.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy these bad chat up lines.

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