My New Year’s Resolution

Every year the majority of the population will start setting a number of New Year’s resolutions. I will confess: my first initial list I completed extremely intoxicated on New Year’s Eve. And, as you can probably imagine it evolved around me:

  1. Partying more
  2. Skiing more
  3. Attending more festivals
  4. Going to more international festivals
  5. Drinking, and eating more
  6. Drinking more alcohol…

Of course the list was exceptionally incoherent, but the general gist was I needed to party a lot more! I couldn’t get out of bed to modify the list on New Year’s Day, but I managed to sit down a few days later to actually create list worth sticking to.

My New Year’s Resolutions

Prior writing new blog posts I do a lot of digging, without data I generally do not tend to create a post. But, this post is different. I’ve decided to write this up, and let it sit on my site without optimising it in the slightest. Who knows if anyone actually sees it!

If you read blogs, you will find a ton of advice on setting New Year’s resolutions, however the information is never new. It always focuses on planning, being realistic and being motivated. Useful tips, but what of their New Year Resolutions? Well here are mine.

My Four Main New Years Resolutions

I don’t believe these will be particularly hard to achieve, but they all require motivation and a whole load of dedication.

  1. Blog a bit more

I’ve been blogging for over a year now, and I always set out to reach a set amount of traffic (which I’ve achieved). Some of my popular posts receive thousands and thousands of visitors each month; take for instance the best tinder chat up lines.

However, as of late I do not feel I’ve blogged enough/been part of the community. Looking at my blog it needs a revamp, there are a ton of shit pictures, and it could do with some more personalisation. At present, I’m looking at paid themes to see if there are any that will save me a lot of time.  But once I’ve reviewed all prior content, I will start expanding further (believe me when I say this – I have a lot of content planned)!

  1. Get better at programming

I’ve been learning/teaching myself various programming languages yet I do not feel like I’ve scratched the service of them. So in 2016 I’m going to aim to spend a bit more time programming. I’ve purchased a ton of courses on Udemy so that should help.

  1. Become healthier

Early November I decided to try the whole vegan thing. To my amazement I felt a lot healthier, I also started to going to the gym a lot more. However, over the course of Christmas the phenomenal amount of drinking and eating certainly took its toll. After Christmas I decided to step up my game, and I’ve been hitting the gym aggressively. I’ve also decided to stay away from alcohol for the next month, sober January it is!

  1. Get better at taking pictures

I thought buying a DSLR would make taking pictures easier. Oh, I was wrong. I have a few mates whom are freelancing from various ski resorts globally, and some of the pictures they take are pretty fucking good. As such I’ve been pestering them for tips and 101s,

I’d say that I know the basics now. I’ve started to take my camera out a lot more, meaning I can take a whole load of pictures (and, hopefully get better). So expect better images.

Thanks for reading!

These are my four main NY resolutions I’ve set myself. Let me know what yours are in the comments below!