Money Saving Tips and Tricks for Unveristy Students

Freshers has begun for thousands of students across the country. Having been a student saving money was important.  Unlike others I decided not to read up on money saving techniques, instead I went to university blindly thinking I could survive. I did, but I learnt a few lessons. Here are a few money saving tips and tricks for students:

Plan your weekly/fortnightly food shop ahead

When I moved into halls, there wasn’t a shop near campus. Don’t ask! If the fridge was bare, and I was slightly hungover then I’d have to rely on takeaways.  One way of avoiding this would have been to plan my food shop, so that I’d have enough food to cover the expected hangover.

As well as this, you’re able to save money by planning your meals for the week.

Here are 21 supermarket saving tips worth checking out.

Don’t buy books

You’re going to need books, but the likelihood of you being able to find it online as PDFs is extremely high. If you’re not able to find them online try renting, otherwise purchase second hand copies.

Strangely enough, a few universities offer PDF version of books and have yet to restrict them from being indexed on google. Try searching for the name of the book + the author +”pdf” to see if there are any copies online. Of course, make sure they’re free for public use.

Pay your bills on time

To avoid late fees ensure that you’re paying bills on time. As well as this, if you’re behind on one month’s rent, you’re likely to be behind for the rest of the year. Here’s a handy guide to getting your deposit back after your tenancy.

Buy a bike

Unless you literally live miles away from campus, then investing in a bike might not be worth it. Buying a second hand bike will help you save on transport costs. You can find some pretty good second hand bikes on Gumtree.

Cut Vices

Smoking and binge drinking are terrible for you, and expensive. Don’t lie to yourself, you’re going to drink during freshers week, however drink in moderation. As well as this, you might want to swap the cigarettes for a vape pens/sticks. They cost less, and are better for you.  A friend of mine recommended VapeLux for some of the best e-liquids.

Other advice:

Thanks for reading, and if I’ve missed anything let me know in the comments below!