3 extremely awesome shed ideas and designs

If you could kit out your shed into your own private space would you? A mate of mine spent every weekend fixing his shed, and turning it into his own personal recording studio. In the end it was hardly used as a recording studio, and more as the place to have pre-drinks at, however the idea was pretty cool.

Badger Ale recently held a competition across the UK, and the winner won the Ultimate rugby shed boasting a 65 inch 4k TV, a stocked beer fridge and serious high tech surround sound. If that doesn’t make you envious, check this video!

Shed Ideas

If your shed is full of junk, just like mine why not spruce it up and make good use of it. A shed is like a room, your own room. If you need a getaway, or your own personal space renovate it and make it into something awesome. Here are a few ideas:

Games shed

Equip your shed with a couple TVs, an Xbox and a pool table/foosball table. The next time you have the lads over, they’ll certainly be envious of your retreat. Add a full stocked beer fridge and you’ll be spending all your free time in there.

Rugby shed

Just like the video, come match day everyone will at yours. Kit out your shed with some seriously big screens and plenty of booze.

Personalised bar

If you’re a bit of a socialite, and you host the best parties then add a fully stocked bar with some great speakers, and a hot tub outside for when things need to get steamy.

Storage shed

For the boring type, space is hard to come by so why not just use your shed for storage. Only kidding!

About Badger Ale

Independent Brewers Hall and Woodhouse have brewed Badger Ale since 1977. Badger Ales are light amber coloured ale, with a clear and bright body. The ale boasts a woody, oaky aroma with a malt finish. The ale prides itself in good wholesome flavour using English malts and hops, a very pleasant blend. If you’re ever sat in the sun enjoying the rugby, be sure to accompany the pleasantries with Badger Ale.

Thanks for reading; I hope that you enjoyed this somewhat different post!