Winter Skin Care for Men

Winter is well and truly upon us, now is the time to swap your short sleeved t-shirts for jumpers, and bomber jackets for parkas. How many of us have actually thought about the changes we should be making to our grooming routines?

As the days get colder, the nights get longer our skin demands a different kind of defence. Just like too much heat, the cold can take its toll. But, don’t let the darkness affect your mood, the good news is that a few changes to your daily routine will be beneficial.

If you’re undertaking Movember, you’re in luck. I’ve teamed up with the award winning grooming experts Bulldog Skincare to provide you with some useful tips.


1.       Moisturising

It’s always important to moisturise, however in winter you’ll find that your skin begins to dry up, possibly peel and crack. As such, you might want to ensure that you’ve stocked up on a number of moisturisers. Bulldog have a range of moisturisers for winter and various skin types. Their original moisturiser is perfect for winter, a number of essential oils have been combined to offer the perfect winter protection. It keeps you fresh faced, and youthful, whilst rehydrating your skin.


2.       Close shaving

When it comes to shaving, and shaping your mo you might want to avoid wetting your mo. This is because wet hairs will hang lower which means it will be harder to shave. You’ll want to invest in some beard oils. Beard oils are perfect for shaving, and help hydrate your skin and soften/tame your beard hair – beard oils can also act as a styling agent.


3.       Beard Maintenance

The Bulldog Skincare beard balm is perfect for beard maintenance. Bulldog beard balm is ideal if you’re looking to shape your mo into something spectacular. As well as being great for moulding your mo the balm is also vitamin rich. 


4.       Scrubbing

You might be thinking that you should skip your exfoliation steps during winter, it’s not true! Yes – the cold weather can influence your skin, leading to it being dryer. You should back off from anything too aggressive, but a mild exfoliation or face wash like the one provided by Bulldog can actually help dry skin. This is because it removes the build-up of dead skin cells that are blocking the moisturising ingredients from getting through.

You’re able to find Bulldog products available in Boots!

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