Summer Favourites: Dark Matter Spiced Rum & Silent Pool Gin

When it comes to day drinking, gin has always been my tipple of choice. Nothing beats an elderflower gin based cocktail, especially during summer. This summer has been pretty amazing, copious amounts of travelling, sunshine and drinking have all been added benefits.

After having spent the beginning of the month relaxing in Spain, London greeted me with traditionally cold and wet weather. Although the sun is great, I cannot wait for the next ski season to begin.

I’m always on the lookout for new exciting spirits, and have been experimenting with a few cocktail recipes.  As such, I thought I’d share my two favourite spirits this summer – that are also perfect for autumn and winter.

Dark Matter Spiced Rum Review


The majority of the world’s rum production occurs in the Caribbean and Latin America. However, the newly released Dark Matter spiced rum is distilled from the not so warm UK. More precisely from Aberdeen, Scotland.

Everything is hand prepared at the distillery, and the distilling process is extremely long. They use fresh ginger, green peppercorn, long peppers and allspice berries. If that doesn’t impress you, then the branding will.

The rum is very spicy, and you can detect ginger and allspice as the dominate ingredients; making it perfect on its own or with a few cubes of ice. Moving into autumn and winter, the rum is ideal for rum old fashioned, buttered rum and apple pie cocktails.

I’ve tasted many spice rums before, and I was pretty amazed at how well the heavy spices work in the drink. The strength and flavours are sensational, I’d highly recommend accompanied by ginger ale and some freshly squeezed lime juice.

Silent Pool Gin Review

Another spirit originating from the UK – Silent Pool gin. Silent Pool has a high number of botanicals, and currently is being made in the Surry Hills. The name Silent Pool derives from the pool where natural spring water used to make gin comes from.

The gin has fruitiness to it, with some hints of citrus. As well as this, you’re able to pick up on a number of interesting characteristics; it’s slightly floral and has hints honey.

Silent pool isn’t like your regular gins that tend to be extremely dry, instead paired with tonic water the citrus is well balanced with a peppery finish.

I’d suggest garnishing this drink with a mint sprig or orange peel.  If you’re looking to use it in cocktails I’d recommend gin martinis, Singapore sling and tom Collins.

These spirts are perfect when sitting in the sun, or next to a fire during those winter months – they both can be found at 31Dover.

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*31Dover sent me these spirits to review, however all opinions are my own!