Alcohol delivery for Christmas

Christmas day isn’t just for eating and opening presents. If you thought that was the case you’re missing one vital component for the perfect Christmas – alcohol. Christmas is a time for awkward office parties, eating loads, and drinking decent booze. Christmas day can be a bit of stretch, but hey don’t let petty family arguments get in the way of having an awesome time. If you’re reduced to rummaging through your cupboards, and still wondering if that half-drunk bottle of red is still fresh you’ve hit rock bottom.

Whatever happens this Christmas, don’t let cheap nasty booze ruin your Christmas. Instead avoid the local off license and order your Christmas stock prior to the big day!

If you’re thinking of stocking up on cheap booze this Christmas here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t

Why the postman is your best friend

Ordering alcohol has never got simpler; a click of a button and you can have your very own personal butler (alcohol delivery guy) pop over and drop off some award winning spirits. This leads me onto 31Dover – one of the UKs leading online drink vendors. Whether you fancy drinking wine, liqueurs or even beers this Christmas a few clicks of a button and you’ll have it within 24 hours.

31Dover supply a number of spirits, champagnes, wines, liqueurs and beers. They endorse every product, so don’t expect any junk floating around their e-store. The brand was even named the Best Online Drinks Retailer by the industry’s Drinks Business Awards. Prior to being a B2C premium drinks supplier, they operated by being one of London’s top drinks suppliers for some of the best restaurants within the capital.

Regardless if you’re a rum drinker, or a wine connoisseur treat your family this Christmas and be sure to check some of their awesome drinks.

Pro-tip: swap out cheap rum and use Dipolmatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum to add a special kick to your ginger bread daiquiris

31Dover Discount Code

As a thank you 31Dover have provided my readers a 10% discount code valid until the 20th December. Make sure you use the code when checking out 31DSAM

Thank you for reading, and make sure you drink responsibly – responsibly enough to not make a fool out of yourself!

Disclaimer: 31Dover sent me a bottle; however all opinions expressed are my own.