Easy Homemade Fancy Dress Ideas

October usually means two things, shit weather and Halloween. If you’re an avid blog reader you’ll have started noticing a ton of Halloween looks being posted. The majority are pretty awesome, especially Maddie’s makeup tutorial. However, as I guy I don’t have the patience to sit around for a couple of hours whilst apply copious amounts of face paint/makeup/fake blood. Sod that. The makeup is going to come off anyway, especially when long-arming a pint, or funnelling some crap larger.

My Spiderman morphsuit is slightly ruined from excessive partying; dressed like an utter bell end in the Alps. It crossed my mind; that surely there are a few easy homemade fancy dress ideas and tutorials around. So I wondered if I could make an impromptu DIY Halloween outfit with just basic items. This article is priceless if you’re part of the student population. If you’re looking for something excellent then try looking elsewhere, the article is named ‘easy homemade fancy dress ideas’ after all.

Easy Last minute fancy dress ideas

The internet is saturated with plenty of ideas. With limited budget it can be pretty hard creating some form of Halloween costume. Nevertheless, that doesn’t necessarily need to be the case. You can find a pretty bad Father Christmas outfit on eBay for less than a fiver. But sod dressing up as Santa when Christmas is a few months away. I guess that you can always recycle it and wear it on Christmas day.  But, it’s Halloween after all!!!

Last minute planning doesn’t necessarily need to be bad. If you’ve not got a costumer yet, don’t panic. Here are a few quick and easy DIY fancy dress ideas which you’ll definitely be able to make/do/create last minute. You might need to purchase some form of face paint.

Mean Girls

Think of the bitch Regina George, a simple solution to all Halloween costumes. Get a white t-shirt and cut a few holes in the t-shirt above your nipples. Maybe spice it up by borrowing some face makeup from your sister or mother, and whack it on like you don’t give a single fuck. If that’s not DIY then nothing else is. If you want to go the extra mile and look the part write something degrading on the front so people know who you really are – that being a kinky Regina George.

A ghost

This is essentially the easiest fancy dress costume you can/will ever make. It consists of a bed sheet and some holes through the eyes. We all wanted to do it when we were youngsters, so why not now. Get some jam or something red and throw it on the sheet to make it appear like you’re a bloody ghost. Another alternative would be to paint your face white using some crappy white powder stolen from your girlfriend or mother.

The zombie

You might have to purchase some fake blood and white face paint for this. Not really a last minute fancy dress outfit for Halloween, but who cares. Paint your face white, add some fake blood. Boom! You’re now officially Halloween ready.

Some dude from Baywatch

If you own a plain yellow t-shirt and some red swimming shorts you’re set. Simply write lifeguard in caps on the back, and Baywatch on the front. If you want to be a dead Baywatch dude just put some face paint on.

The Hulk

You will need to purchase some green face paint/body paint for this, simply paint your body green and cut up some old jeans. Simple and very quick, as long as you have an accomplice happy to paint you. Though prepare to ruin your bed sheets, and end up leaving green marks in every pub/bar/club you visit. Or the girl’s face you’ve just decided to snog.

The drink

I wouldn’t even count this as homemade fancy dress. Simply put a straw in your breast pocket and tell everyone you’re a drink. If you have a permanent marker write some generic shit alcohol brand name on your forehead. That night you might not look the part, but you can still pretend you tried.

A Hawaiian DJ

You don’t need to look scary for Halloween, if you want to look stand out then the overused Hawaaiian theme is perfect for Halloween. Perfect the look by combining your corny Hawaiian shirt with your over ear headphones. Spice up the look with some fake blood covering your face, and then you can be zombified Hawaaiian DJ. Very uncool, but if you’re in need of those last minute Halloween ideas you probably don’t have a clue what you’re going to do.

These are a just few easy fancy dress ideas. If you’re looking for something serious to really scare the shit out of everyone, try YouTube, or some of the few popular fashion and makeup blogs.

But whatever happens, just make sure you have some form of fancy dress, whether it’s a last minute DIY job or some fancy outfit you’ve ordered online.

Thank you for reading, feel free to let me know what you’re dressing up as this year! If you liked this post, you will indefinitely enjoy my best tinder chat up lines!