Maui Jim Tail Slides Sunglasses Review

Finding new brands is extremely exciting. As a sunglasses addict and avid skier, I tend to find that myself shopping specific brands. This results in my ski goggles and sunglasses usually being of the same brand. I have a number of demands when it comes to a sunglasses (who doesn’t): that they’re polarised and that they look good.

I’ve heard a few people in the states raving about Maui Jim sunglasses, and that their polarised glasses are awesome. As a result, I couldn’t help reviewing a pair of Maui Jim sunnies.

My personal style tends to be limited to Wayfarer-esc frames, and polarised lenses. I’m not really a fan of aviators or thin frames; as such Maui Jim was perfect.

Trying new brands can be hit and miss, however you’re usually able to gain an impression of the brand based on their current models. Maui Jim has an awesome array of glasses with varying styles, subsequently choosing a pair was extremely difficult!

Initial Impressions

I’m always drawn to chrome lensed sunglasses, Maui Jim offer a range of glasses with reflective lenses. As well as this, the fit and style of their glasses are perfect. The frames are strong and definitely have been built with premium materials.

Maui Jim Tail Slide

The first glasses which managed to draw my attention were the Tail Slides with the frosted crystal lenses. However, after seeing some of the other pairs I was drawn to the matt black and red Maui Jim Tail Slides. It’s worth noting that the Maui Jim Tail Slides are a progressed version of the classic wayfarer design.

Tail Slide is part of a larger surfing manoeuvre in which the surfer purposely makes their fins lose their grip and the board slides.

Fit & Overall Impressions

The Tail Slide sunglasses fit perfectly, and look great. The glasses use a refined rectangle shape that can complement any shaped face.

The quality frame with the defined matte finish makes these glasses perfect. To ensure your glasses are of the highest quality Maui Jim use lightweight injected nylon frame with adjustable wire tips.

In addition to this the lenses are great for sunny days, I haven’t been to test them skiing so I cannot comment on how good they’d be at reduce glare. But, overall if you’re looking to invest in a pair of sunglasses then be sure to check out Maui Jim.

Thanks for reading. I hope that you enjoyed this Maui Jim review, and be sure to check some of my men’s lifestyle posts.